The most sought-after adult products

If earlier it was believed that only perverts turn to sex shops, now the goods sold there do not cause the former embarrassment and are very popular. For example, in the Fetishwear store you can buy sexy lingerie and many other toys that will help make your intimate life more vivid and fulfilling.

Rating of the most popular sex toys

If we talk about the most popular toys, then the following can be found in the ranking:

  • BDSM toys, such items can be found at fetishwear to these include whips, ropes, leather belts. These fetish items have become a hit in stores.
  • The second most popular thing is lubricants. Nowadays, many people use lubricants. This is the name of an artificial lubricant, which will be simply irreplaceable if you use latex toys or condoms, because prolonged friction can quickly dry out the skin. There are gel-based lubricants that won’t evaporate or run like water-based lubricants. Often, various oils are also added to such substances: ylang-ylang, rose, peppermint, etc. These ingredients are natural aphrodisiacs. There are also hypoallergenic products that can be used by allergy sufferers or people with sensitive skin.

Author: Дима